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Welcome to! This website was designed to make it simple to earn viral income while creating viral sales of advertising space. It's a very simple concept that will turn ordinary marketers into money making experts when it comes to results.

When you follow our very simple sales strategy you will earn income faster than you have ever earned online with guaranteed results because you are in the drivers seat. You only have to pay it forward (pay for their advertising) for 4 new members only.

Online competition in Network Marketing is fierce. And many marketers struggle with what to do in order to succeed. So we have eliminated the "How To" and made it as plain as it can be.


What Is PIF 4 FOUR?

PIF4Four is a powerful "Pay It Forward" program that makes it so every member who joins and actively participates, grows an enormous network. This website produces high results from members joining and sponsors purchasing the members Lifetime advertising space for them. This process eliminates the "IF" factor out of making money because if you are serious about making fast cash on a consistent basis then this system will produce the results you want. Simply put, In order to advertise and earn income, you have to pay it forward for 4 members to start producing fast income.


How much does this PIF program cost? And how does the program work?

We have made it so that each advertising space you purchase for your members is very affordable. It's only $4.99 for lifetime ad space. You always keep your spending at the barest minimum so you are the one prospering from your efforts. You are required to pay it forward for 4 members (only) that use your referral link. So the faster you PIF your 4, the faster you will start earning.

The cost of each PIF is $4.99. The commission payout is $4 per sale and $.99 covers payment processor fee. The special aspect about this is after your 2nd PIF you will get an instant $4 commission rebate for your next two PIF's. Then you will receive viral commissions from every PIF passed to you.

No more empty promises from Guru's or non-participating members joining your program just to sneak a peak at what you are offering. If they are not actively participating there is no need to join because they will not make any money unless they "Pay It Forward". No online marketer has anymore excuses of why they can't make money online because of our comprehensive commission structure ensures all members who are participating in the "Pay It Forward" program will receive a constant flow of referrals and income which makes this the fastest money making site ever launched. See Commissions Chart Here.


Our Money Guarantee provides comfort for those members that are unsure of their success with online marketing. We understand the hardships of making money online and thus give our guarantee that you will earn money, if you follow our structured plan detailed in the members area. Register today and begin your transformation into positive cash flow.




Earnings Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire to earn. Our Money Guarantee and any aforementioned earnings are based on individual performances to include the $8 commission rebate guaranteed after your 4 members are PIF'd. Each individual’s success depends solely on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation to use, comprehend, and apply our sales structure.  We also advise reading our Terms of Service before continuing registration.



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